Jason Lauritsen

Jason Lauritsen

Employee Engagement & Workplace Culture Expert

Why is Jason speaking at WorkHuman?

Jason is a consultant and advisor on employee engagement, workplace culture, and performance management. At WorkHuman, Jason will explore why the employee experience doesn’t need to be complicated and that it starts with getting clear on what kind of experience you intend to create.

About Jason:

Jason Lauritsen a keynote speaker, author, and consultant. He is an employee engagement and workplace culture expert who will challenge you to think differently. A former corporate human resources executive, Jason has dedicated his career to helping leaders build organizations that are good for both people and profits.

Most recently, he led the research team for Quantum Workplace’s Best Places to Work program, where he studied the employee experience at thousands of companies to understand what the best workplaces in the world do differently than the rest. Jason is the co-author of the book, “Social Gravity: Harnessing the Natural Laws of Relationships.” Connect with Jason at www.JasonLauritsen.com.

The Relationship Comes First: Discovering the True Path to Employee Engagement
Jason Lauritsen, Employee Engagement and Workplace Culture Expert

Work has been defined in many ways over the years: a contract, a transaction, a value exchange. This led to describing humans as capital and designing systems that treat people like assets to be managed and optimized. Is it any wonder that employees’ feeling of engagement within these organizations continues to drop? It doesn’t feel […]

Creating a Culture of Community

The Evolution of Performance Management: Life after the Annual Appraisal
Dave Bond, Director, Talent Management & Total Rewards, the Minto Group
Chary Krout, Vice President, Human Resources, First Tech Federal Credit Union
Jennifer Lepird, Senior Director, Global Rewards, Symantec
Vikki Sly, Chief People Officer, Blue Prism
Jason Lauritsen, Employee Engagement & Workplace Culture Expert

Few areas of HR practice have been disrupted as much as performance management over the past several years.  As traditional practices failed, the pressure to motivate and inspire employees to perform with a growth mindset continues to increase. Organizations of all sizes are trying to move beyond annual appraisals and ratings in favor a more […]

Bringing Humanity to Performance Management

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