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Workhuman Live 2023 in San Diego: Visibility, Intention, and the ROI of Recognition 

Workhuman® Live just wrapped in San Diego, and our humans are glowing from the sunshine, inspiration, and being seen. We spent the week talking about how to bring intentionality into HR and the ROI of recognizing your people as the humans they are. This year, Workhuman Live focused on the theme of intentionality, with speakers and breakout sessions exploring how organizations can be more deliberate and strategic in their people strategies.  

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Be Intentional, Create Good Trouble, Speak Up 

The keynote speakers all shared common messages: be intentional in your actions, create good trouble, and speak up for what you believe in. Eric Mosley, CEO of Workhuman, kicked off the event by reminding attendees that “people are not an asset at your company; they are your company.” He urged HR professionals to focus on building a culture of gratitude and recognition, and to make data-driven decisions that prioritize equity and engagement. 

Attendees were inspired by Esther Perel, Luvvie Ajayi Jones, and Ed Catmull, who encouraged us to be vulnerable and to create workplaces where employees feel seen and use their influence to effect positive change in their organizations and communities. 

Weaving the Red Thread Through Your Plan 

This year’s breakouts were organized around several common themes, including the need to change the way we work and prepare for the future of work, the importance of intentionality in HR initiatives, and the need to tie recognition and culture to data-driven results and future strategies. Speakers from a wide range of industries and backgrounds shared their insights and experiences, providing attendees with actionable advice and best practices.  

Some standout speakers included Kat Kibben’s session on writing inclusive job postings, Siobhan Murray’s session on burnout, and insights from companies like NBCUniversal, Zimmer-Biomet, and Corebridge Financial on meeting people where they are and inspiring them to continue moving forward.  

The slides for all Workhuman Live breakout sessions can be accessed in the event app. Navigate to the session description and a link to the slides will be available at the bottom of the screen.  

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Feeling Seen at Workhuman Central 

The themes of intentionality, visibility, and recognition were woven throughout the event space, with attendees encouraged to reflect on times they felt invisible and to express gratitude for their colleagues and peers. One fun activity was aura photography, where attendees could have their aura analyzed. Walk off the Earth performed at the all-attendee party.  

Workhuman Live is for any human looking to drive positive change in their organization. We all know change is constant in HR. Managing it with intentionality with your employees at the center is critical to driving business outcomes, productivity, and success. The time is now and there is no reason to wait – see you in Austin for Workhuman Live 2024! 

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