Austin may be over, but don’t lose your focus.

It’s time to put your learning into action and stay focused on what really matters at work. Here’s everything you need to do just that.

Workhuman Live 2024: From To-Do to Done 

Workhuman Live 2024 just wrapped in Austin, Texas after a week of intentionality and focus. And when you’re focusing on the essentials, less is more. Less jargon, more insights. More connection, less distraction. More relationships, less dissonance. Because right now, HR leaders are being asked to do it all and the reality is that they can’t. ​So, we spent the week digging into how HR can own their seat at the strategic table. 


Purposeful Leadership: Keynotes 

Our keynotes kicked off with Workhuman CEO Eric Mosley laying out a path that will transform the workplace, motivated by an ethos that it’s not that no one wants to work, it’s just that no one wants to work, like this. You can watch the whole keynote below or read about it in this article. Eric then sat down with fan-favorite Brené Brown for a conversation on courageous, purpose-driven leadership in the modern landscape of work. We closed the first full day of Workhuman Live 2024 with Baratunde Thurston, who helped attendees bring their focus to being better citizens. Of course, we can’t forget the conversation between our CHXO KeyAnna Schmeidl and the powerful Issa Rae about catalyzing change.  

Curing Culture: Action-Oriented Tracks 

To help focus all this inspiration, our session tracks were made to help drive action. To focus on what’s creating value and set aside what isn’t, and show You Are Doing Too Much. To focus on what drives your people so they can drive your business and remember that You Are A Purpose Driver. To focus on your people because they will determine your future, because You Are Future-Proof. And finally, to focus on culture as a strategic imperative, because You Are The Answer.  

We heard from customers, thought leaders, thinkers, learners, and pioneers. Sharing their stories around DEI, the place for AI in HR, and how recognition drives culture and business outcomes.  


Exploring Change: Workhuman Central 

In Workhuman Central, attendees explored activations that helped drive all this home. Each station demo focused on how they can solve for the pain points associated with each content track. We’re excited to see where this renewed focus takes our attendees and hope they all come back to share it with us when we take to Denver for Workhuman Live 2025! 


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