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Jared Lindzon is a freelance journalist and public speaker based in Toronto. Though he covers a wide range of subject areas — including tech, entertainment, and business — Lindzon has emerged as one of the leading voices on the “Future of Work.” Beyond his regular columns in Fast Company, the BBC, the Globe & Mail, the Toronto Star, and TIME Magazine. Lindzon’s reporting has also been featured in The New York Times, the Guardian, Fortune Magazine, and Rolling Stone among others.

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Wednesday, April 17
2:40 pm - 3:30 pm CT
Leadership Panel – The Age of AI: Redefining Employment in the Era of Technology
Breakout Session
The Age of AI has arrived, bringing both remarkable opportunities and new challenges. Leading More details organizations have already harnessed AI solutions to enhance recruiting processes and streamline employee training. However, as generative AI intelligence becomes more accessible, concerns arise: Are we on the brink of a future where the "human" in human resources becomes obsolete? Our panel of experts say "no." Join HR leaders, AI experts and HR tech innovators for an exciting and in-depth discussion on how some of today’s most forward-thinking companies are leveraging generative AI technology to propel human-driven initiatives forward.

Join this session to:
  • Discover how forward-thinking companies are utilizing generative AI technology to augment, not replace, human-driven initiatives in the HR landscape.
  • Delve into the profound role of human emotional intelligence in HR and understand why it remains irreplaceable despite advances in AI.
  • Explore the potential transformative applications of AI for the betterment of workplace culture and beyond, emphasizing its role in creating positive change.
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