Beck Bailey

Managing Director, Global Chief Diversity Officer, Accenture

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Beck Bailey is the Global Chief Diversity Officer for Accenture, responsible for building a culture of equality in the workplace for over 700,000 people in 49 countries. Beck leads a global team that is dedicated to ensuring all of Accenture’s people feel they belong and can thrive. His leadership also sets the firm’s Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) strategy and enables stakeholders to embed inclusive practices in all aspects of the organization to deliver 360 Value for our clients and enable business results.


Beck received his BS in Management from Virginia Tech and his MBA from UMass Amherst.  He lives in Los Angeles with his partner Margaux, two cats, and two yellow labs. 

You are a purpose-driver
Tuesday, April 16
2:40 pm - 3:30 pm CT
Connecting Without Limits
Breakout Session
It can be difficult to ask questions about cultures and identities that are different from your More details own. Fear of making a mistake can become a barrier to learning, growth and connection. Every DEI professional knows the experience of someone taking them aside to quietly ask the question they were afraid to ask in a larger group. These are the unspoken questions holding us back from building true belonging. Surfacing them for meaningful dialogue connects us to purpose and helps create a culture of belonging for all.

Join Accenture DEI leaders for an interactive session on building belonging using Accenture's "Connecting Without Limits" cards. You'll learn something new, engage in inspirational conversations and build your inclusion and diversity confidence to take back to your own organization. Hide details
Learning & Development
People, Culture & Experience
Employee Communication
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