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Chief People Officer, Safe Security

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Barbie Brewer began her career in Silicon Valley during the dot.com boom of the ‘90s. Since then, she has become an industry-leading expert in developing critical areas of modern business performance and culture, including the C-suite, remote and hybrid workforces, and understanding the future of work.
As Chief Culture Office at GitLab Inc., Brewer contributed to the all-remote SAS company’s growth from 150 employees to over 1,000 in more than 60 countries. She was VP of HR for Netflix when the streaming service expanded from 20 million subscribers to over 150 million. She has led human resources and talent functions, internal communications, and information technology teams throughout her career, helping multiple early-stage and mid-stage companies succeed.
Barbie Brewer holds a Master’s in Human Resources Management and a Bachelor’s in Communication and Business from Santa Clara University.
While Barbie is passionate about her career, the future of work, and impactful leadership, she is most devoted to her family – two teenagers, a supportive husband and three dogs. Her love of family and recognition of the need for strong leadership inspired her to write Lead and Let Live.

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Tuesday, April 16
2:40 pm - 3:30 pm CT
Panel – From Moments that Matter to a Culture of Trust
Breakout Session
As the global work-from-home movement, spurred by the Covid era, fades away, it gives rise to a More details hybrid workforce marked by unclear expectations and, often, diverging opinions between leadership and employees.

While leadership undeniably influences culture, the wellspring of innovative ideas for job redesign, team performance, or new work processes typically comes from a passionate and well-intentioned employee. Bridging the gap between leadership expectations and employee priorities poses a challenge – and the truth is, many companies aren’t quite hitting the mark.

Forward-thinking companies, guided by the idea of progress over perfection, are shifting their focus to creating a “culture of trust.”

With this shift, the best leaders can demonstrate their dedication to engaging in the necessary tough conversations, exploring unconventional ideas, and striving for meaningful compromises that benefit everyone in this ever-changing work landscape.

Key Takeaways:
  • Employee-Centric Innovation: Emphasizing the importance of tapping into the creativity and insights of employees
  • Realistic Leadership Expectations: Recognizing that leadership may not always get it right and acknowledging the impact on the employee experience, with a call for realistic expectations
  • Cultural Transformation: Understanding the role of a "culture of trust" in organizational success and how it contributes to a positive and dynamic work environment
  • Commitment to Continuous Improvement: Discussing the commitment to progress over perfection and how organizations can foster a culture of continuous improvement

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People, Culture & Experience
Employee Communication
You are the answer
Tuesday, April 16
11:10 am - 12:00 pm CT
You Are the Answer
Breakout Session
Discover the strategic imperative of culture in this session, recognizing CHROs as the CEOs of the More details future. Explore the evolving role of great leaders in understanding and driving their people forward in the new world of work. Amid economic instability and market corrections, discover how HR leaders can navigate these challenges and position their companies for sustained success.

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People, Culture & Experience
Employee Communication
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