Baratunde Thurston

Join beloved storyteller and celebrated host Baratunde Thurston to learn how to make "citizen" a verb – both at work and in the world at large.

Tuesday, April 16
4:15 pm — 5:05 pm CT

Why Baratunde's the right human
Baratunde wants us all to be better citizens by viewing the act through four pillars: to participate, to invest in relationships, to understand power, and to value the collective. These pillars can serve as guideposts for leaders as they build workplace culture with intention and integrity.

He’s an Emmy-nominated storyteller and producer for a reason. He has a unique ability to integrate and synthesize themes of race, culture, politics, and technology to explain where our nation is, as well as where we can take it.
I care about the diversity of the mindset of the people creating our future, and the windows through which we see it, and the tools we use to build it.
More about Baratunde for the road

Baratunde Thurston is a host, producer, writer, and public speaker. He is the host and executive producer of the PBS television series America Outdoors with Baratunde Thurston, creator and host of “How To Citizen with Baratunde” which Apple named one of its favorite podcasts of 2020, and a founding partner of the new media startup Puck. His comedic memoir, “How To Be Black”, is a New York Times best-seller. In 2019, he delivered what MSNBC’s Brian Williams called “one of the greatest TED talks of all time.” Baratunde is unique in his ability to integrate and synthesize different and difficult topics in a style that’s intelligent, compassionate, and humorous.

Baratunde serves on the boards of Civics Unplugged and the Brooklyn Public Library and lives in Los Angeles, California.

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You are doing too much
Tuesday, April 16
4:15 pm - 5:05 pm CT
Keynote – How to Citizen with Baratunde Thurston
Keynote, Mainstage
The word "citizen" is so much more than a noun we use to draw lines between people. Citizen is also More details a verb. Citizen isn't what you are; it's how you are. In this talk, Baratunde breaks down the four pillars of How to Citizen which are to participate, to invest in relationships, to understand power, and to value the collective as in working towards outcomes that benefit the many and not just the few. Hide details
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