Workhuman Live Forum
London 2023

Dive into the highlights of our 2023 event.

Achieving Worktopia With Workhuman Live Forum 

Our humanity – our need to be seen, valued, celebrated, and to form meaningful emotional connections – is the one constant in the workplace. That’s why responding to the ongoing change facing the workforce by leaning on and leading with our collective humanity is key to long-term success.  

When people feel seen, valued and celebrated, they give their all. They care more. They feel more connected. They’re motivated to lift others. They want to stay. And both people and business can reach their full potential. A positive employee experience is the final and only way to future-proof your company in today’s landscape. ​  

These are the exact experiences that our annual, multi-day conference, Workhuman® Live, aims to foster. In 2023, for the first time ever, we brought Workhuman Live to EMEA with a one-day Forum in London – and we can’t wait to do it again in 2024! Hundreds joined us as part of HR’s most exciting movement. Industry leaders and HR champions convened to share their most innovative thoughts and cutting-edge strategies.  

Here is just a taste of what attendees experienced first-hand: 

  • Workhuman Live Denver May 12-15 2025

The New Era of Strategic Recognition With Workhuman CEO Eric Mosley  

Eric opened the day discussing the new era of strategic employee recognition and how lasting success means always putting people first. He reminded attendees that ‘people are not an asset at your company; they are your company.’ He urged HR professionals to focus on building a culture of gratitude and recognition and to make data-driven decisions that prioritise equity and engagement. 

The ROI of Recognition: Fireside Chat With Gallup and Workhuman   

Dr. Meisha-ann Martin, senior director of people analytics and research at Workhuman, and Ed O’Boyle, global practice leader at Gallup, shared new findings and the research-backed guidance on recognition strategies that yield an ROI for both your people and your pocketbook. They discussed how to achieve high levels of employee performance at work and the important results from Gallup-Workhuman research. Read the full report here.

Creating a Human-Centred Workplace Through Recognition: Mission Critical Insights on Strategic Application  

Nathalie Maklin, VP of reward and wellbeing solutions within the people and culture function at bp, and Jenn Veevers, global head of culture at Sanofi, in conversation with Simon Alexander Ong, bestselling author, life coach and business strategist, discussed real-world strategies and recognition’s role in maximising engagement and productivity, improving culture and wellbeing and more. Being intentional, innovative and strategic about employee recognition is the cost-effective answer to today’s challenges. That’s why responding to the constant change facing the workforce by leaning on and leading with the human desire to feel seen, valued, celebrated, and to make meaningful emotional connections, is key to long-term success. 

Creating Moments That Matter With Dan Heath 

Every change – in our lives and in our organisations – unfolds over time, and time is denominated in moments. But not all moments are created equal. To enhance our experience and the experience of others, we must learn to create peak moments and use these as tools to address culture, retention and productivity. Bestselling author and workplace strategist Dan Heath closed the day with the tangible takeaways you need as you focus on implementing recognition as a strategy to create moments that matter in your own life and workplace.  

Between the panel Q&As, book signings, Worktopia experience and discussions amongst attendees, these are just some of the takeaways from an amazing day. Workhuman Live is an experience that needs to be seen to be believed, no matter what format. Don’t miss out on your chance to get early bird pricing to Workhuman Live in 2024, taking place in next April in Austin, Texas, USA.

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