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Reimagining Recognition for the Human Workplace

How does your organization strengthen the connections between people and teams? How do you provide a more human employee experience? In today’s world, finding the answer to these questions is critical to success. And whether you’re new to Workhuman or looking to unlock the full potential of your recognition program, this is where to start.

Explore how today’s most successful, resilient companies drive stronger performance and retention with their recognition programs. We’ll hear from leading companies and experts, plus share the philosophy behind a more human workplace in this track full of story-sharing, powerful data points, and the tangible takeaways you need to create a more human workplace of shared purpose and gratitude.

Driving High-Performance Through Employee Development

Employees who don’t see a path for growth or feel comfortable receiving feedback are more likely to be disengaged or resign, and decades of research has proven the need for leaders to have higher levels of empathy to inspire learning and guide growth. It’s also the underlying foundation to shifting to an open, continuous feedback model – moving away from the annual review once and for all.

In this content track, we’ll share how to build employee trust and positivity in exchanging feedback with colleagues and managers and give guidance for enacting a truly effective performance management process.

Unlocking the Power of Data

While companies today have seemingly infinite data at their fingertips, data is only as valuable as it is actionable. That means not just tracking what work gets done but also how it gets done, so organizations can identify areas for improvement, get ahead of workforce trends, and truly build cultures that are a competitive advantage and produce measurable value.

In this content track, we’ll explore the best of what data analysis has to offer in understanding organizational excellence, individual and team performance, employee retention, and more.

Building A Workplace for All

DE&I is increasingly important for both companies and employees, but after one-time trainings and reexamined hiring practices, how do you foster diversity that is truly equitable and inclusivity that lasts the long-term? It may be challenging, but it’s essential to creating a more supportive workplace where everyone can be their true self and do their best work.

In this content track, you’ll learn how sustainable and ongoing initiatives impact company culture, employee experience, and business performance as we share effective strategies to integrate diversity and inclusion initiatives into your people programs and foster a truly inclusive culture.

Finding Joy and Meaning in Your Work

For all the advances in technology and automation, the most important factor to your company’s success is still your people. And the real measure of a valuable employee isn’t just their hands or minds, but also their hearts – when people find meaning in their work and feel like they can be their true selves they shine their brightest, and that in turn, drives companies to new heights.

After a difficult year that saw many of us reflecting on life’s priorities, join us in a crucial examination of how encouraging employees to bring their whole selves to work and establishing strong, livable core values strengthens your culture and employer brand, and gives employees a sense of meaning and purpose.

Exploring the Next Horizon of People Practices

How can you best engage your humans in the new way of working? What can we learn from the most recent societal shifts? The future is as uncertain as ever, but the companies that help shape it are the ones that will thrive in it. So while today’s challenges are daunting, forward-thinking organizations are focused on transforming to build the new modern workforce — one that can achieve greater agility, resiliency, and ultimately; productivity.

In this inaugural Workhuman Live learning series, we’ll explore the emerging trends and leading-edge people strategies that will serve as a guiding light in 2022 and beyond.

Being a Champion of Workplace Culture

Progress is only possible with a new mindset. And when upheaval and struggle arises, so too does an opportunity for change. So as the world forges ahead, an opportunity has arisen for leaders to become the champions of change—the kind that doesn’t just catapult organizations toward long-term, sustained growth, but the kind that helps redefine the relationship between humans and their work.

In this thought-provoking content track for business leaders, you’ll learn from your peers who are leading thriving organizations toward a better way of working for all.

Turning Insight into Action

Workhuman Live is the place to learn all about the importance of building a human-centered culture — now it’s time for us to help turn what you’ve learned into a reality.

In this content track, we’re sharing all the ways to use the Workhuman Cloud to create a high-performing, human-centered organization. From celebrating the whole coworkers and facilitating continuous employee development to driving DE&I and retention with your recognition program, this robust content track covers everything you ever wanted to know about Workhuman’s solutions. Your path to the human workplace starts here.