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Go big or go home, right?

Half-assed isn’t in our vocabulary. That’s why the biggest names and brightest minds are at Workhuman® Live to bring compelling ideas, insights, and inspiration around making work more human for every person on the planet.
Facilitator, Strategic Advisor, and Author
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New York Times Bestselling Author and Top Global Thinker
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Innovative Business Thought Leader & New York Times Bestselling Author
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Drive progress on work’s biggest challenges.

  • Being a Champion of Workplace Culture

    In this thought-provoking content track for business leaders, you’ll learn from your peers who are leading thriving organizations toward a better way of working for all. 


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  • Building A Workplace for All

    Learn how sustainable and ongoing initiatives impact company culture, employee experience, and business performance with strategies to imbed DE&I initiatives into your company’s DNA. 


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  • Driving High Performance Through Employee Development

    Learn how to build employee trust and positivity by exchanging feedback with colleagues and managers, and receive guidance for enacting a truly effective performance management process.


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  • Exploring the Next Horizon of People Practices

    Delve into the emerging trends and leading-edge people strategies that will serve as a guiding light in 2022 and beyond. 


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  • Finding Joy and Meaning in Your Work

    See how establishing strong, livable core values strengthens your culture and employer brand, and gives employees a sense of meaning and purpose.  


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  • Reimagining Recognition for the Human Workplace

    Discover how today’s most successful, resilient companies are using recognition to drive stronger performance, engagement, and retention.


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  • Turning Insight into Action

    From celebrating your people and facilitating continuous employee development to driving DE&I, this robust content track covers everything you ever wanted to know about Workhuman’s solutions. 


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  • Unlocking the Power of Data

    Explore the best of what data analysis has to offer as it relates to organizational excellence, individual and team performance, employee
    retention, and more.


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Destination: ATL

Isn’t that just peachy?

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This unmissable event needs an unforgettable setting – a city of resurgence that’s evolved into a hub of culture, commerce, and spirited activism. It’s the perfect place for HR to chart a path forward with a renewed sense of purpose.


Georgia World Congress Center

Safety protocols

More fun in Atlanta

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atlanta fountains
atlanta peach pie
atlanta conference attendees
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  • If you work in HR, you have to attend. Best-in-class speakers and content that pushes you to reimagine what is possible.
    Kathy Labrecque
    MD Financial Management
  • Workhuman Live is a must for HR professionals. It’s informative, engaging, and challenges us to think outside of the box.
    Richard Harvey
  • Workhuman Live events fill a critical need to get cutting-edge information and insights from industry leaders.
    Valerie Beeman
    Stanford University
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Workhuman Live
Join us as we reimagine the human workplace.
our organizations around human-first practices and principles.
the role we can play in employees’ health, happiness, and success.
our own sense of purpose and meaning.
the power, reach, and role of recognition.
Workhuman Live

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