Tamra Chandler

Tamra Chandler

Author, CEO & Co-Founder, PeopleFirm

Why is Tamra speaking at WorkHuman?

Tamra became interested in revamping performance management when she was the chief people officer at a global consulting firm. She then crafted a progressive solution to the ineffectiveness of the standard performance management model. At WorkHuman, she’ll share how the manager-employee relationship must evolve and why crowdsourcing feedback can be so valuable.

About Tamra:

Tamra Chandler is CEO and co-founder of PeopleFirm, one of Washington state’s fastest-growing businesses. Tamra has spent her 30-year career developing new and effective ways for people and their organizations to perform at their peak. She is a nationally recognized thought leader and speaker (recognized by Consulting Magazine twice as a top U.S. consultant) and is the author of “How Performance Management is Killing Performance — and What to Do About It” (2016). Her second book, “Feedback (and Other Dirty Words): Why We Fear It, How to Fix It,” will be published in May 2019.

Under her leadership, PeopleFirm has become a go-to partner, delivering measurable, meaningful results using people-centered solutions. PeopleFirm consistently earns local and national recognition as a top place to work.

Before PeopleFirm, Tamra was managing partner for Arthur Andersen Business Consulting in the Pacific Northwest, and executive in charge of people and solutions at Hitachi Consulting. She earned a B.S. in electrical engineering from Montana State University and holds an MBA from the University of Washington.

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Tamra Chandler, Author, CEO and Co-Founder, PeopleFirm
Laura Grealish, Author and Executive Leadership Consultant, PeopleFirm

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