Stephanie Blakey

Stephanie Blakey

Senior HR Business Partner, The Cadmus Group

Why is Stephanie speaking at WorkHuman?

Uncertain life events affect us all, but what happens when grief impacts employees in the workplace? Stephanie experienced this firsthand and is teaming up with a grief consultant to present a framework for an effective workplace response plan.

About Stephanie:

Stephanie Blakey is a senior HR business partner for the Cadmus Group in Portland, OR. She has a strong background in employee relations, performance management, coaching, and organization effectiveness. Her main passion is working with employees and managers to make difficult conversations less intimidating. She leads with heart when coaching performance issues. Stephanie works with senior executives, staff managers, and individual contributors to positively impact individual and corporate performance. As part of the Cadmus human resources team, she manages the performance evaluation process and training programs.

When a Coworker Dies: A Case Study on Grief Response in the Workplace

Portland made national news in 2017 when two men were murdered on the Max train defending others. Stephanie heard about it on the news that night, and the next morning, she received a call you never want to get: one of the men stabbed on the train was our employee. As the HR business partner […]

Navigating Employee Emotions at Work