Paul Batz

Paul Batz

CEO and Founder, Good Leadership Enterprises

Why is Paul speaking at WorkHuman?

Paul’s personal mission is to help leaders grow by blending the seven Fs: faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun, and future into their leadership. At WorkHuman, attendees will learn the art and science of creating great results by working together within a culture of encouragement.

About Paul:

Paul Batz is a thought leader on how goodness pays in leadership and business and has been recognized as one of the top leadership bloggers in America. He is an author, executive coach, and international speaker who built his firm, Good Leadership Enterprises, with the same strategies around goodness he teaches clients.

His firm is a leadership consulting boutique with world-class strategies to coach executive teams with bold aspirations and teach them how to exceed their goals, both personally and professionally. He has created several books on leadership, including the bestselling book, “What Really Works,” and the latest title, “How Goodness Pays.”


Goodness Makes Your Employer Brand Magnetic

Can goodness impact team engagement, culture, retention, business results, and reputation? Our research data says yes! Goodness pays. Goodness pays because people thrive together within a culture of encouragement, accountability, and teamwork. Research shows the highest-performing cultures today create great results and are magnetic when 1) the people involved in teams actually care about one […]

Elevating Your Employer Brand