Monica Lewis

Monica Lewis

Head of Product, LinkedIn Jobs

Monica Lewis is the head of product for LinkedIn Jobs, which provides technology for companies, big and small, to find and hire winning teams. In her current role, Monica leads several teams working to bring AI and human-centered design to help small businesses hire more efficiently, and effectively. Most recently, LinkedIn Jobs released a new feature called Recommended Matches, which gives small businesses direct access to candidates whose LinkedIn profile matches their job descriptions. This just one of the way Monica works to solve tough problems for small business owners looking to hire the best talent for their roles.

What Automation Means For the Human

Without a doubt, automation and AI are becoming a priority for companies with 35% of HR leaders believing it’s very important. Yet even as it’s woven increasingly into our daily lives, public concern around AI persist — 3 in 4 Americans think it will destroy more jobs than it creates. However, research shows that automation isn’t just replacing jobs, it’s creating new […]

Merging Humanity & Technology