Mollie Lombardi

Mollie Lombardi

Founder & Principal Analyst, m.Research

Having spent thousands of hours observing and working with business leaders, employees, and technology executives, Mollie understands how the “best of the best” bring people, strategy, and technology together to execute with excellence and achieve audacious success. By taking a data-driven approach, she helps organizations build the business case and the organizational change plan to get them where they want to go.

Because Mollie has interviewed and collected data from more than ten thousand organizations, her insights are not only relevant, but also actionable and timely. Mollie is continually gathering and interpreting new data, and while doing so she always moves beyond the numbers, breathing life into her findings and making them actionable for clients.

Her work has appeared in Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal, Inc. and other industry trade publications. Prior to founding and m.Research, Mollie held a number of leadership roles at industry analyst firms.

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