Gabrielle Thompson

Gabrielle Thompson

Senior Vice President, Acquisitions & Total Rewards, Cisco

Why is Gaby speaking at WorkHuman?

At WorkHuman, Gaby will share key takeaways from Cisco’s culture and recognition journey.  She’ll present Cisco’s overall approach to evolving its culture and then explain how the company thinks of rewards and recognition in this context.

About Gaby:

Gabrielle (Gaby) Thompson is a human resources executive with more than three decades of experience, and has an extensive and functionally broad HR background in both the financial and high-tech industries. She has held executive or senior leadership roles across the full spectrum of companies – start up, small, medium and large – and has successfully driven significant changes to long-held retention and pay for performance philosophies.

She joined Cisco in February 2013, and is currently the SVP of Human Resources with an emphasis on Acquisitions and Total Rewards.  She believes that innovation isn’t as much about moonshots as it is about mastery of the details—about understanding the intricacies of how things work in the real world as a foundation for developing and improving them.

Prior to joining Cisco, Gaby held executive roles at SuccessFactors, Numonyx, and Intel.

Gaby lives in Granite Bay, California with her husband and family, and enjoys wine-tasting and personal fitness.

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Gabrielle Thompson, Senior Vice President, Acquisitions and Total Rewards, Cisco
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