Dr. Katherine Smith

Dr. Katherine Smith

TedXSpeaker & Author

Why is Kat speaking at WorkHuman?

As a survivor and certified intimacy expert, Dr. Kat inspires others to reclaim their lives and embrace the decadence of healthy connections. At WorkHuman, she’ll shed a light on the lasting effects of assault and harassment.

About Kat:

Dr. Kat’s desire to inspire others understand the depth of intimacy, which encompasses the various expressions of affection: trust; passion; support; nurturing; care; and emotional, mental, and physical sharing. With this understanding, you have the tools to create the life you chose.

Dr. Kat shares her truth to empower, heal, and enrich the quality of love and life. With messages that speak to the hearts and minds of those sorting through their internal dialogue and external reality, she helps clients learn to re-parent themselves, rejuvenate, and repurpose their lives.

In her past professional life, Dr. Kat co-hosted a syndicated morning radio program with ABC Radio Networks, Inc., along with a weekly, one-hour show focusing on relationships called “A Woman’s Point of View.” She has authored several books and programs, and she produces DrKatTV. When she’s not doing what she loves, she enjoys travel, decorating her home, cooking, container gardening, dancing, and being the occasional karaoke star.

Understanding the Lingering Effects of Assault and Harassment
Dr. Katherine Smith, TedXSpeaker & Author

Using her truth, Dr. Kat brings an authentic voice to the difficult topic of sexual assault and abuse as she transparently describes her pain with such heart and insight that the stories become profoundly moving. She talks honestly about sexual violence to bring understanding through compassion, humor, and powerful narrative to motivate and inspire. You […]

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