What’s Next? Uprooting the Institutions that Led to #MeToo and TIME’S UP
Geena Davis, Award-Winning Actor & Founder, Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media
Cindy Robbins, President & Chief People Officer, Salesforce
Ellen McGirt, Senior Editor, Fortune

#MeToo is the story of the decade – the story of our generation. It’s a story that continues to play out in every workplace, no matter the industry. In the year since the story about Harvey Weinstein broke, both the #MeToo and TIME’S UP movements have helped formerly powerless victims of sexual abuse to expose their abusers. They have also raised important questions on how disrespect takes many insidious forms in the workplace, from harassment to pay inequality. Join us for a candid and authentic discussion on what’s next for these movements. What do HR leaders need to do to prevent and swiftly respond to unacceptable behavior in the workplace? Which actions pay lip service, and which actions actually help create systemic change and true equality? We all want to create more human work environments that are welcoming, respectful, and safe. This distinguished panel will provide actionable next steps.

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