The Science of Working Human: Using AI to Understand Your Workforce
Jesse Harriott, Executive Director, WorkHuman Analytics & Research Institute

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to improve productivity, efficiency and accuracy across an organization.  Companies across the globe are working hard to apply AI techniques to human capital practices from workforce planning to learning and development.  While many organizations are already beginning to see the incredible capabilities of AI across HR, using these techniques to enhance human intelligence and gain real value from their data is an aspiration for others.

During this session, Jesse Harriott, head of analytics and executive director of the WorkHuman Analytics & Research Institute, will highlight how delivering a more human workplace culture opens up a treasure trove of unique data where AI techniques can be applied.  During this session, he will outline the data that a human-centered workplace provides and then look across the entire talent management lifecycle to see how AI can be applied in unique ways to improve the employee and manager experience.

You will learn about:

  • How authentic human interaction data can highlight red-flags of disengagement among your workforce
  • Using natural language processing to understand who is best suited for taking on the next workforce challenge
  • Ways to uncover bias between teams across your workforce
  • Using social network analysis to uncover “hidden gems” in the organization
  • Encourage targeted learning and development based on real-time feedback
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