Focusing on the Good: A More Scientific and Empathetic Look at D&I
Steve Pemberton, CHRO, Globoforce
Jesse Harriott, Executive Director, WorkHuman Analytics & Research Institute

For all the progress companies have made in the area of diversity and inclusion, are we over complicating our efforts? Are current programs and practices delivering intended results? Could a simple mindset shift to focus on all the good that’s happening in our organizations be a new path forward?

In this session, Steve Pemberton, CHRO at Globoforce, and Jesse Harriott, head of analytics and executive director of the WorkHuman Analytics & Research Institute at Globoforce, will present new data that highlights the important role recognition plays in advancing diversity and inclusion. By showing employees that the diverse perspectives they bring forth are not just acknowledged, but also expected and valued, we can make them feel appreciated and included regardless of their background.

You will learn about:

  • The untapped potential for recognition data to uncover a deeper understanding of diversity awareness, succession planning, unconscious bias, and turnover risk
  • Gender differences in social recognition and what they reveal about social networks and gender balance in your organization
  • How celebrating diverse communities and life events can reinforce employee connections and bring a greater sense of belonging to your team
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