Rebooting Feedback: Creating a World Where Feedback Doesn’t Hurt!
Tamra Chandler, Author, CEO and Co-Founder, PeopleFirm
Laura Grealish, Author and Executive Leadership Consultant, PeopleFirm

Feedback! Ugh. Say the word to a colleague, spouse, or friend, and watch both their blood pressure rise and defenses go up. It’s a word that for most of us is loaded with experiences that have included bias, politics, pain, regret, and anger. However, if we take a step back and think about its true intent, we realize that feedback shouldn’t be a negative thing nor something to avoid.

If we as humans want to improve, grow, and advance, we need insights that can help us move in the right direction. If we close ourselves off from understanding how others experience us, then we close ourselves off to a life of learning and growth. In other words, we NEED feedback – and yet we often avoid it.

You will learn:

  • Why feedback has a branding problem
  • Three common negative feedback outcomes (fear, anger, distrust) and the science behind why they happen
  • “Feedback hacks” (for both the giver and receiver), mindset shifts, and a simple conversation model that creates feedback that moves you forward, rather than beating you down
Bringing Humanity to Performance Management

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