Mainstage Keynote: Kat Cole
COO and President, FOCUS Brands North America

Kat shares her most significant lessons of leadership, brand innovation, and organizational growth.

Kat Cole’s success story is often shared for inspiration. As a hostess for a popular chain restaurant at 17, she moved up to server, bartender, travelled globally to help open new franchises, and was one of the company’s youngest executives at 26. As a leader who’s connected to communities through social media, is very active in startup advising and investing, and is an avid humanitarian in some of the poorest areas of the world, Kat stands out among her industry peers.

Before being promoted to COO & president of FOCUS Brands North America, she spent four years as president of Cinnabon, Inc., where she was accountable for leading, evolving, and building the team and multichannel brand. Now a sought after speaker and consultant on leadership development, brand building, change management, brand innovation, and growth, Kat has been a featured guest on CBS, CNN, Bloomberg CNBC, MSNBC and more.

Kat will draw on her own personal and professional experiences to share the most significant lessons of leadership and innovation that she’s learned as both a woman and leader.

You will learn:

  • Which qualities are critical to help you iterate and adapt more quickly – even in traditionally slow or mature industries and organizations.
  • How to build stronger teams and community, with the right level of alignment and communication.
  • Leading and innovating from within – from hackathons to innovation culture, to creative internal advisory groups.
  • How to build and find leaders, particularly finding and developing current and future woman leaders.

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