The Missing Piece in the Diversity and Inclusion Puzzle

Diversity by quota and incentive hasn’t worked anywhere. There is a better way. If your company has, like so many others, been challenged by diversity and inclusion programs that have not delivered change and ROI, you will want to hear David Lapin’s presentation. He will give you the missing piece that will add value and help deliver outcomes from the work you are already doing (and plan to do) in this vital area.

In this session, David shares his unusual experience working with Nelson Mandela and his government to build an inclusive democratic society in South Africa after decades of institutionalized racism. He will explain the distinctive approach to diversity and inclusion that he developed then, along with case studies of how he subsequently applied it in corporations around the world. His work includes training of the LAPD and more than 100,000 other U.S. criminal justice and law enforcement professionals in a new approach to diversity.

You will learn:

  • How to create the preconditions for honest conversation
  • A framework for diversity conversations that go beyond race
  • Ideas to integrate diversity and inclusion into business culture and strategy
Empowering Through Diversity & Equality