The Evolution of Performance Management: Life after the Annual Appraisal
Dave Bond, Director, Talent Management & Total Rewards, the Minto Group
Chary Krout, Vice President, Human Resources, First Tech Federal Credit Union
Jennifer Lepird, Senior Director, Global Rewards, Symantec
Vikki Sly, Chief People Officer, Blue Prism
Jason Lauritsen, Employee Engagement & Workplace Culture Expert

Few areas of HR practice have been disrupted as much as performance management over the past several years.  As traditional practices failed, the pressure to motivate and inspire employees to perform with a growth mindset continues to increase. Organizations of all sizes are trying to move beyond annual appraisals and ratings in favor a more modern and dynamic approach, including peer-to-peer feedback fueled by a culture of recognition.

In this session, you’ll learn how leading organizations are reinventing their approach to performance management from philosophy to technology, recognizing that employee development is a key aspect of performance. We’ll explore and discuss the challenges faced in the change process and the lessons learned along the way. For example, what happens when ratings go away? And, what role has technology played throughout the process?

Bringing Humanity to Performance Management

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