When a Coworker Dies: A Case Study on Grief Response in the Workplace

Portland made national news in 2017 when two men were murdered on the Max train defending others. Stephanie heard about it on the news that night, and the next morning, she received a call you never want to get: one of the men stabbed on the train was our employee. As the HR business partner for our Portland office, it was her responsibility (and privilege) to walk with our employees handling this news and processing their grief.

She immediately reached out to Jennifer Crow, a grief response consultant. Join in as they discuss how Stephanie’s company encouraged employees to bring their whole selves to work, how their work family actually became family, and why it’s OK to cry at work.

Any time grief impacts employees, there is an opportunity and responsibility for the workplace to be a supportive environment. The principles we discuss can help you respond wholeheartedly to your employees during difficult times.

You will learn:

  • Current understandings of the grief process
  • Best practices for supporting employees during their experience of grief
  • How to tailor your workplace response to best fit your culture and the unique nature of each loss
Navigating Employee Emotions at Work