Beyond Buzzwords: Real Talk on What it Takes to Create an Amazing Culture

HR as a profession has traditionally been bogged down in administrative tasks and cost-cutting measures. But in 2019 unemployment is at a record low and employees have higher expectations of their workplace – to be a place where they feel connection, pride, support, and a sense of belonging. HR leaders have the opportunity to become cultural champions – to remain focused on company performance and growth, while also building a culture of respect and collaboration.

This is the sweet spot when it comes to recruiting, retention, and delivering on evolving business goals.

This panel discussion of HR leaders from a range of industries to talk about work culture in practical terms. How do you assess the cultural reality in your company – and potential gaps between executives, managers, and individual contributors? What’s the best way to gather feedback and ensure every voice is heard? And what if the culture you have today isn’t the culture you want in the future? How do you make values concrete and real for a diverse employee base? We’ll tackle these questions and more in this panel covering actionable steps for improving workplace culture.

Creating a Culture of Community