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Julia Lee

The Power of Storytelling: Interview with Professor Julia Lee

What kinds of stories are being told in your organization? Do these stories lift people up or criticize and belittle? How can storytelling be used to help teams perform better and even reduce employee stress? We chat with professor Julia Lee on new research.


Ditching the Drama

According to Cy Wakeman, best-selling author and international speaker, we waste a lot of time on drama at work. She shares tips for letting go of your ego to be more productive and how to improve giving and receiving feedback.


Pandit Dasa: The Urban Monk

Pandit Dasa founded Conscious Living, LLC during his 15 years living as a monk in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Dasa discusses the importance of mindful leadership and how recognizing your strengths and weaknesses leads to finding your true self.


The Benefits of Building a Great Place to Work

Chinwe Onyeagoro, president and chief strategy officer, Great Place to Work, shares the core elements that help companies around the world become great places to work. She makes recommendations on how to unlock the full potential of all employees to improve business results.