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Get ready for action with five tracks around HR’s most pressing issues, from the next era of the Human Workplace to the evolution of DE&I – and more.


The Next Era of the Human Workplace

In 2020, our relationship to work changed fundamentally and forever. But the pandemic didn’t originate the move to a new kind of workplace – it accelerated forces that have been gathering for more than a decade.

The greater change is where companies are going culturally to reflect the human - centered values of today’s workforce and bring out the best in both their people and their business. Organizations are built on relationships, and when those weaken, their culture starts to decay.

Going forward, we need to maintain those relationships and create a new work paradigm that leverages human connection to build resilient, high - performing teams that thrive in the hybrid workplace and beyond.

Discover how to build trust, drive innovation, and break through bureaucratic boundaries. Learn how to reskill and upskill your workforce in this post - pandemic era. And uncover what the best employee experience now looks like for this new era of the Human Workplace.

Pay and Performance Management in the Agile World

Within the Human Workplace, hierarchies are fading as work gets done by agile, self-governing teams. To match pace with this shift, democratizing how we motivate, develop, and compensate talent is replacing annual reviews, bonuses, and other old-school HR practices that don’t yield as much impact or engagement as continuous, focused conversations and crowdsourced rewards

Agile performance management ushers in a new era where peer-to-peer feedback, ongoing discussions, priority setting, and check-ins bring more humanity and value to each employee’s journey while keeping teams aligned to larger business goals.

Agile pay means peers can reward eachother for great performance, symbolically highlighting values like customer focus, innovation, integrity, and caring. Like agile management, it’s empowering, decentralized, open to surprise, and amplifies what behaviors are living examples of company culture.

Discover how leading companies have embraced this mindset – rehumanizing outdated HR practices to reflect how successful work gets done, harnessing the real-time wisdom of the entire organization, and leaning on the power of human connection.

The Evolution of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

This past year has been a global test of our humanity, of who we are and who we are to become. Racism, sexism, and other inequitable practices have no place in our organizations. And yet these issues of equity and inclusion don’t disappear when we go to work.

People want to be seen for who they are and all that they are – their whole human selves. It is time for us to have more open, candid conversations than we have in the past. Now is the time to double down on the work that needs to be done to move beyond compliance and governance.

Navigating the arena of DE&I in the workplace requires constant vigilance, education, and re-education. And with authentic human data, we can uncover the right root causes versus symptoms, creating usable strategies to build a workforce where the strength of our collective differences creates unstoppable teams that drive business goals and inspire social progress. Explore how to drive inclusivity, empathy, and innovation in your organization.

The Power of Employee Recognition at Work

The power of peer-to-peer employee recognition is the foundation of any workplace that places humans at the center of their business.

The most enlightened organizations are leveraging recognition and reward programs a step further with an increased investment in their people. And they’re seeing measurable improvements in engagement, retention, safety, and productivity by dedicating time and resources to operationalizing appreciation at work.

That’s because when given frequently, recognition changes not only the receiver, but also the giver. Dive deep into the science behind recognition and learn how to achieve the ideal total rewards structure – one that reflects the human - centered values of today’s workforce and brings out the best in both your people and your business.

A Culture of Employee Well-Being

No human can be expected to perform to their fullest potential if they’re not operating at their fullest potential. That’s why employee well-being is a crucial part of the Human Workplace’s overall strategy to ensure organizational survival and growth.

While the value of employee wellness and work-life harmony has been proven, the pandemic illuminated why they’re critical. Embracing the humanity of employees with understanding, flexibility, and caring is a cornerstone for human-centered workplaces. By enabling employees to work in a way that’s best for their circumstances and that encourages a personal investment in one’s own mental, intellectual, spiritual, and physical health, we create a culture of high-performance resilience – one that inspires and enables each person to do their best work.

Discover the science - backed soft skills to avoid burnout, integrate well-being into work, and build trust between managers and employees so that everyone in your company feels seen, valued, respected, appreciated, and most importantly, human.

It’s time to define the Human Workplace.

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