Content Tracks & Professional Development Credits 2019

Bringing Humanity to Performance Management 

Performance management needs a revolution, not an evolution. If the way people work is becoming more human-focused and team-based, then why are so many evaluation practices still mired in traditions that don’t reflect this revolution in HR? Continuous performance development is designed for leaders who want to learn how crowdsourced feedback, recognition, continuous conversations, and check-ins can humanize the way we motivate and develop our people. 

Job titles: Director/VP, learning and development; HR director; HR manager; chief learning officer; leader of talent and/or performance; director/VP of rewards and recognition; director/VP of HRIS

Applying the Value of Gratitude 

There’s power in positivity and it starts with two words: thank you. How does your organization inspire employees and teams through recognition? How do you leverage gratitude? This track showcases how a foundation of social recognition can build a positive workplace where people are motivated to do their best work. Through data-driven stories of gratitude, speakers will focus on the business value of social recognition in driving organizational excellence, individual and team performance, retention, and employee happiness. This track also emphasizes how leading companies are refreshing their bonus structure and re-architecting pay to better align with their top performers, including peer-based micro-pay and crowdsourced rewards that recognize achievements throughout the year. 

Job titles: HR director; VP of HR; VP of compensation and benefits; HR manager; chief diversity officer, culture officer; chief happiness officer

Empowering through Diversity and Equality

Gandhi said it best: “Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization.” Being accepted for who you are seems a basic human necessity, but also one that’s not always attainable in the workplace. How can we promote a sense of unity through differences and empower employees to own their culture? How can we elevate diversity, inclusion, belonging, and equality beyond compliance and governance to a cultural imperative? This track explores proven strategies in building a diverse workplace where every employee can thrive from experiencing a sense of inclusion, positivity, and respect, and where the strength of their collective differences creates unstoppable teams that drive business goals.

Job titles: chief diversity officer; diversity and inclusion program manager; manager of equity, diversity and inclusion; manager, diversity and inclusion; CHRO; VP of HR; director of talent acquisition; senior business partner (generalist); chief legal officer; VP general counsel

Living Your Best Work Life

Humans are complicated, but within their quirks and nuances are nuggets of gold. When people feel like they can be their true selves is when they shine their brightest. And that’s what working human is all about – getting people to reach their full potential by letting them live their best lives out in the open. How can we create healthy environments that allow people to bring their whole, human selves to work? What are the bottom-line business benefits of focusing on wellness, mindfulness, and resilience at work? This track focuses on how to live Workhuman in an organization by building trust between managers and employees and championing programs that enrich work/life balance, making employees feel valued, respected, appreciated, and most importantly, human.  

Job titles: VP of HR, HR director, HR manager, chief happiness officer

Elevating Your Employer Brand

American author and salesman Zig Ziglar once said, “You don’t build a business. You build people, and people build the business.” Your organization’s biggest asset for driving culture, external brand, and reputation is inside its walls – it’s your people. Employees have the potential to be your strongest ambassadors, and how they’re nurtured and communicated to from within is critical to attracting and retaining talent, and to creating an award-winning workplace where everyone is inspired to do their best work. Here, some of the most admired global companies will discuss how to build a more employee-centric brand that connects employees to your company mission and reflects positivity from the inside out.

Job titles: Director/VP, internal and external communications; corporate communications; internal communications manager; industrial-organizational psychologist; business partner; VP of HR

Creating a Culture of Community

What does the ideal workplace look like? It’s a place that seamlessly infuses its culture with humanity. Where there’s an emphasis on strengthening company communities by memorializing group experiences including team outings, charity events, and holiday celebrations. Where people lift one another – and the business – through gratitude, positivity, and continuous feedback. Where human connection, above all else, is the foundation of success. This isn’t a vision for the future anymore – many companies are already living this philosophy. This track explores a range of topics including celebrating milestones and life events, promoting gratitude and appreciation, avoiding unnecessary drama, and the impact of agile work environments and office design in making employees feel more human.

Job titles: VP of HR; HR director; HR manager; leader of corporate communications; corporate social responsibility.

Merging Humanity and Technology

What if technology could improve the way we work, as individuals and teams, complementing our roles without diminishing the human element? What if, in fact, there was a technology that made work even more human – that fostered employee growth, development, performance, and engagement? There is. 

It’s called Human Applications, a new category that leverages technology to fuse together the human connections that are the foundations of thriving, modern workplaces. This track showcases impactful stories, research, ground-breaking analytics work, and case studies from companies with award-winning cultures who’ve successfully put this technology into practice.

Job titles: CTO; CIO; director/VP of HRIS; VP of HR; HR director

Navigating Employee Emotions at Work

Behind the walls of every company are the humans who make it run. And humans are complex – each of us is unique, and we all experience different challenges and emotional states every day. Teams are the same way – a mix of different personalities, struggles, preferences, and needs all working together toward a common goal. What’s important is that work stays human and meets employees wherever they are. As a manager, how do you balance the myriad of emotions your people are going through and meet them with compassionate leadership? This track will focus on managing sensitive issues like mental health, physiological safety, violence in the workplace, grief, emotional labor, and employing mindfulness to reduce stress.

Job titles: HR director; HR manager, VP of HR; Corporate Communications


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