Laura Grealish

Laura is a strategic consultant, specializing in coaching leaders and teams particularly in the area of performance management and feedback. She is the co-author along with M Tamra Chandler of the newly minted book, “Feedback and Other Dirty Words: Why We Fear it, How to Fix It”.


Laura brings energy, expertise, and over 20 years of leadership experience helping clients by designing, managing, selling and delivering projects related to strategic alignment, performance management, leadership transformation, conversational feedback, employee experience, succession management, strategic planning, capability development, and change management. 
She has deep experience in coaching and developing high performing teams by aligning strategy and priorities, team building, organizational effectiveness, learning and development and held a Six Sigma master black belt in process improvement. 
Laura focuses on supporting clients and client organizations through transformational change by co-creating customized programs and outcomes. She leads with a growth mindset and believes it’s helpful to leverage mindfulness along with our somatic and nervous systems to have the best chance of responding optimally to life every single day. 
Specialties: Conversational Feedback, Modernizing Performance Management, Executive and Team Coaching, Change Management, Leadership Development, Facilitation, Executive Coaching, Strategic Assessment & Planning, Continuous Improvement, Healthcare and Financial Services Consulting, Business Performance Management, Leadership Engagement, Learning and Development, Mergers and Acquisitions, Six Sigma, Process Improvement.