Brittany J. Harris

“I am… a Black woman, mother, sister, caregiver, a perpetual wonder(er) and truth-teller, an advocate for justice and radical self-love. I am… constantly learning, unlearning, relearning and committed to BEing possibility for what it means to show up as one’s most liberated self. I #LiveInclusively by curating learning experiences that shift perspectives, inspire critical thinking, change hearts and empower action in service of justice, equity and inclusion.” 

Brittany Janay is a Black woman and mother, consultant, writer, and speaker, and advocate for equity, justice, and radical self-love. She is a self-described perpetual wonderer, learner and unlearner committed to BEing possibility for what it means to show up as her most liberated self.

Brittany Janay is the Founder of In Loving Accountability Coaching & Consulting where her work is grounded in supporting leaders and changemakers with embodying leadership as a love practice. She is also the creator of Liberated Love Notes: Critical Self-Reflections and Affirmations for The Culture, an affirmation card deck that centers the experiences of Black folks existing in and healing from predominantly white spaces. The cards offer affirmations for overcoming the lie of imposter syndrome, disrupting injected & internalized forms of oppression, embodying an abundance mindset and building a healthy racial identity. Brittany Janay is also the host of the Liberated Love Notes podcast on Living Corporate Network.

Brittany Janay has spent over a decade in roles focused on supporting organizations and leaders with their diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies. Most recently, she served as the Vice-President of Learning & Innovation with The Winters Group, Inc., one of the leading global diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting firms. Her contribution to the firm most notably included expanding its portfolio around mapping the intersection of social justice and traditional corporate DEI work. Her framework for “Centering Justice” has evolved the firm’s approach to learning & education design and strategy work. Brittany has also held human resources, diversity management, affirmative action compliance and consulting roles in Washington, DC; Baltimore, MD, and Tampa Bay, FL.

Brittany is a graduate of Howard University, where she received her degree in Broadcast Journalism, and Georgetown University where she received her Masters in Human Resources Management with a concentration in diversity and inclusion. She is a certified administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®).

Brittany has had the pleasure of serving on boards for The Florida Diversity Council, Women in Cable Telecommunications Florida, The Greater Baltimore Leadership Association, and Pinellas County Urban League Young Professionals. Currently, Brittany serves on the curriculum advisory board for Baltimore City Public Schools’ BeMORE Me Initiative and is a member of the Peer Committee Review Board for The Black Brain Trust.

Journaling, music, and enjoying a glass of wine or cup of coffee are just a few of Brittany’s favorite care practices. She is currently based in the Baltimore, MD area.