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Author, Advisor, Management Innovator, and Co-Founder & CEO, Check-In to Thrive

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A dynamic keynote speaker, Jason Lauritsen is a true thought leader in the world of work and employee engagement who is dedicated to revolutionizing the way we Lead with Relationship Ô. He fearlessly challenges traditional norms to reshape the employee experience by consistently placing authentic human connection at the heart of leadership.


A firm believer that leadership is most impactful when it’s built on genuine care, support, and respect, helps organizations reimagine their role in helping people lead fuller, more meaningful lives.


As a corporate executive, Jason cracked the code to doubling company revenue per employee. But it wasn’t until he began working at a company responsible for Best Places to Work contests across North America that he discovered the key that unlocks employee engagement, no matter the organization: People experience work as a relationship.


He is the author of two books, Unlocking High Performance and Social Gravity. His thought leadership has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company Talent Management magazine, HR Executive magazine, and SHRM publications.

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Tuesday, April 16
2:40 pm - 3:30 pm CT
Performance is Cultivated, not Managed: Unleashing the Power of the Check-In Conversation
Breakout Session
Let's be honest - our performance management practices aren't working. In fact, they've been More details failing to deliver results for a long time (if they ever did in the first place). Like other traditional workplace practices we've been scrutinizing and redesigning, traditional performance management overlooks an important truth about human beings: performance and growth are our default setting.

Performance is human nature. It doesn't need to be managed; it needs to be cultivated. So how do we do this? By learning to have wildly effective check-in conversations - because when you can equip your employees with what they need and help remove obstacles in their way, performance will improve naturally.

In this session, you will learn:
  • How to replace outdated production-minded management practices with a more modern and effective approach called cultivation
  • A four-step check-in process you can use to cultivate employee performance, growth, and retention
  • Structured check-in templates you can use and share to help leaders foster employee performance and retention
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