Eric Mosley

Trailblazer of the movement to bring humanity to work, Eric Mosley shares how to focus on the root cause of work’s biggest issues – and what you can do about them.

Tuesday, April 16
8:55 am — 9:45 am CT

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Why Eric's the right human
Some call him the Workhuman wunderkind. And no doubt, Eric Mosley is an HR visionary, groundbreaking author, and the originating and driving force behind the Workhuman movement. As CEO, he’s still passionately leading the charge for progress, dismantling old HR processes and compelling global organizations to reshape work in the image of the humans who do it.

As a pioneer of this movement, Eric has long believed that peer-to-peer recognition and positive reinforcement maximize human potential, inspiring people to do the best work of their lives because they feel seen, valued, and celebrated.

Don’t miss Eric’s keynote about going beyond buzzwords and delivering impact at work with a renewed focus.
When someone recognizes you, you can’t feel invisible or forgotten.
More about Eric for the road

Eric has contributed to publications like The Huffington Post, Forbes, Fast Company, and the Harvard Business Review on the topics of recognition and humanity in the workplace. And if you’re looking for a feel-good listen, check out his episode on Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead podcast.

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You are a purpose-driver
Tuesday, April 16
9:45 am - 10:35 am CT
Keynote – Dare to Lead: A Conversation with Brené Brown
Keynote, Mainstage
Join us for an impactful and exclusive session with Brené Brown, tailor-made for HR leaders. This More details call to focus is a lesson in how to be the drivers of purpose within an organization. Together with Brené, explore the secrets to daring leadership - distilled through teachable, observable, and measurable skill sets that when put into practice can transform workplaces. Reflecting on over two decades of groundbreaking research, attendees will be encouraged to challenge the cultural barriers obstructing courageous leadership and provide attendees with the tools needed to grow and support their people. Brené's expertise will expand on dynamic leadership types, the pivotal role of curiosity and grounded confidence in sparking brave work, dare attendees to have tough conversations and teach how to reset after setbacks. This isn't just any discussion - it's an experience that promises to leave you revitalized, motivated, and poised to rejuvenate your workplaces.

This session will help attendees:
  • Develop Daring Leadership: Acquire an understanding of the four teachable skill sets crucial for cultivating braver and more daring leaders within your HR domain
  • Overcome Cultural Barriers: Uncover insights into the cultural barriers specific to HR environments and learn effective strategies to overcome them for fostering courageous leadership
  • Champion Vulnerability: Embrace the significance of vulnerability and how HR leaders can foster a culture of openness and authenticity
  • Build Trust: Explore the nuances of braving trust and how trust impacts HR functions
  • Navigate Resilience: Insights to help navigate setbacks, disappointments and challenges, fostering resilience and leading with courage in the dynamic HR landscape
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Tuesday, April 16
8:55 am - 9:45 am CT
Keynote – The End Of Work As We Know It with Eric Mosley
Keynote, Mainstage
Workhuman's CEO talks about the new era of strategic employee recognition and how lasting success More details means always putting people first. Hide details
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