Elizabeth Pyjov, JD MTS

President and CEO, Happiness Sangha

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Elizabeth Pyjov, JD MTS creates wellness programs for Fortune 500 companies. She helps organizations like Novartis, Deutsche Bank, Warby Parker, and Baker McKenzie create better company culture and happier, healthier, more engaged employees.

Elizabeth has presented on mindfulness, self-compassion, happiness, and resilience at Stanford University, Harvard Law School, Columbia University, NYU Medical School, and to all the judges in the Eastern District of New York.

Elizabeth holds 3 Harvard degrees, speaks 5 languages, has lived in 7 countries, and has taught 10,000 people to meditate in the last 10 years. She studied neuroscience at Stanford Medical School and brings brain science to every program she designs and facilitates. Her past experience includes more than two years as a funds attorney at top global law firm Sidley Austin, human rights work at the United Nations, and working with Nobel prize-winning writer Dario Fo to translate his plays from Italian to English.

Elizabeth combines what she learned about ritual and meaning at Harvard Divinity School, her literature degree from Harvard College, and her time studying with the Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Jon Kabat-Zinn to think outside the box and draw from ancient wisdom traditions to address modern challenges. She uses her unique and diverse background as a platform to create transformation in organizations and in people’s lives.

Through Happiness Sangha, Elizabeth works with companies all over the world and teaches virtual meditation classes every week.

For all
Thursday, April 18
7:55 am - 8:25 am CT
Meditation – Relaxation and Gratitude
Before we go back off to different parts of the country and the world, it will be nice to take a More details few moments to breathe deeply, relax, release and express gratitude. In this science of the mind and meditation session, you'll gain an understanding of the science of relaxation, as well as how gratitude impacts the body and why we need gratitude for better functioning brains. Please join for this relaxation and gratitude meditation to wrap up the conference and say good-bye with a relaxed body and a heart full of appreciation.

Builds: A culture of appreciation and recognition, better relationships, more life satisfaction and fulfillment, better mental and physical health. Hide details
For all
Wednesday, April 17
12:55 pm - 1:25 pm CT
Meditation – Self-Compassion and Freedom from the Inner Critic
Self-compassion is how we create a positive inner environment, no matter what is happening outside More details of ourselves. In this science of the mind and meditation session, we will do a practice that helps us be on our own side in all situations and cultivate what psychologists call “unconditional positive regard.” After examining the science of self-compassion and doing a self-compassion meditation together, we will end the session by looking at ways to practice self-compassion every day on-the-go, rather than succumbing to the critical voice we all have. This session will feel amazing, and as you connect to yourself, you will be better able to connect with all others.

Builds: Increased levels of happiness and optimism, more life satisfaction, reduced stress, lower levels of burn-out, lower levels of anxiety, more feelings of connectedness, more confidence, less fear of failure Hide details
For all
Tuesday, April 16
12:55 pm - 1:25 pm CT
Meditation – Compassion for Happiness in the Mind
Connection is happiness, so you will leave this session feeling grounded, connected, and at ease. More details In this 25-minute science of the mind and meditation session, participants will briefly hear what the latest research suggests about the practice of compassion. Then we will try compassion meditation together. Join to get answers to questions like: What are the psychological and physiological effects of compassion? How does compassion change the body and brain? Why does it lead to our success as individuals and as a community? Join to reflect on common humanity and try a practice that improves all your relationships.

Builds: Collaboration, a culture of inclusion, reduced stress, reduced anxiety, reduced feelings of depression, increased happiness, more meaningful relationships. Hide details
For all
Monday, April 15
3:15 pm - 3:45 pm CT
Meditation – Mindfulness and Arriving Fully
This 25-minute session will help all of us arrive fully to the conference and be present for our More details time together. It will also clear mental space for the adventure, connection, and growth that lies ahead. Any positive change begins with mindfulness and awareness. In this science of the mind and meditation session, participants will learn what mindfulness is and what the latest research about mindfulness suggests. In the twenty-first century we are lucky to have access to a wealth of resources and information. However, what a wealth of resources and information creates is a poverty of that which the information consumes: a poverty of attention. We can reclaim our attention through mindfulness practice. Let this meditation mark your transition that you have fully arrived.

Builds: Focus, awareness, groundedness, reduced anxiety and depression, more life satisfaction, lower blood pressure, improved sleep. Hide details
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